Wall Street Financial Collapse Companies

Brief information about the companies of Wall Street financial Collapse

In one of the most dramatic days in the history of Wall Street, Merrill Lynch was near a deal with Bank of America to avoid an extending financial crisis. Another Wall Street securities firm, Lehman Brothers, moved toward bankruptcy, according to people briefed on the deal. The remarkable turn of events was encouraged by the disaster of losses that has stunned the American financial industry over the last 18 months. It is hard to digest the fact that investment banks and financial companies that caused the Wall Street financial collapse immediately ran to the government asking for aid.

There are several financial and other sector companies that are responsible and/or affected by the Wall Street financial collapse. But it is still to find out that who is to blame for this Wall Street financial disaster. Many giant financial, manufacturing and services providing multinational companies became the victim of this financial collapse. Several questions are raised on the future of Wall Street and the companies hit by the financial collapse. Not amazingly, the answers to these questions are not simpler than the financial instruments and services created by the mortgage and financial industry. You can find detailed information about the Wall Street financial collapse companies and root causes on many news websites and sources.

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