List of Financial Companies Worldwide

Here is the list of the worldwide financial companies. – In financial language, a financial body works as an instrument that is usually used and employed to provide or get financial services for its users and customers. It is government authority who deals with all the financial matters under the rules and regulation.

There are so many different kinds of financial companies who work as a single body and they don’t work under the rules and regulations of the government authorities and these kinds of companies are also called as non-banking companies as well. Financial companies can be named as banks, and it also includes building societies along with the credit unions. The other kinds of financial companies are stock brokers as well as other similar businesses.

The most famous and worldwide leader financial companies are:

Merrill Lynche: Merrill Lynche is one of the most famous and one of the leading financial companies in the world. This company also provides the facilities and services of financially management along with the extra advisory services as well. Merrill Lynche has its offices in more than 30 countries worldwide and has its assets of about more than $1.6 trillion and even more, these stats are of the year 2004.

The other famous company is Prudential Financial; it provides the services of mutual funds and annuities. The external services of this company are real estate brokerage plus many more.

ING, Raymond James and International Finance Corporation are the other most famous and worldwide financial companies.

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