Fields of Finance

Finance comprises several shutters, whose principal ones are the following. Those are the filds of finance. Finance of company: financial management of the companies, in particular of their investments and their financings. It is the sphere of activity of the finance manager.

Finance of market: operation of the large markets on which it is possible to invest, to cover, or to use complex financial instruments, like the options of fields of Finance.

  • The financial markets became since the years 1980 the principal circuit of financing of the economy, in complement of the banks. This movement started in the United States, where the recourse to the markets was always more widespread than in Europe. They include/understand:
    – the markets of actions, which are most known of the general public, but not most active;
    – markets of credit under development full;
    – markets of interest rates which, by their quotations uninterrupted, constitute by far the largest market of planet: money market for the short term, bond market for means-length term, the Foreign exchange market or Forex,
  • There exists in addition of many markets of raw materials and basic commodities: oil, corn, etc
    Public finances: financing and budget of the State, financing of the communities and the social welfare, of which local finances: budget of the local government agencies, ready of local use – SWEATER
  • Personal finances (or “private finances”): management of the inheritance and the personal incomes, preparation of the retirement.

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