Banking Finance

Finance is a generic term which indicates the study in the way in which the individuals, the companies and the organizations obtain monetary resources and invest them. It is distinguished from accountancy by its prospective vocation: finance takes into account the risk (couple risks/output). It is thus interested in the various actors and the way in which they achieve their goals by the use of dedicated financial tools.

This branch of industry includes/understands in particular the bank, the insurance and the purses, the real estate, without forgetting the public budgets. Its derivatives are budgetary, monetary, and generally concretize the exchanges between the individuals, the people, the States, the banks, the companies. With the wire of time what was only one form of the transactions whose origin is barter became a social science. Finance benefits from the development of telecommunications, the Internet and contributes to universalization (see financial universalization). It is the reflection of the transactions of the economic actors.

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